After 8 years together and 4 years of marriage, my husband and I finally decided to try to conceive a child last May (2013). Chronicling from the moment we decided to try, this blog has documented the ups and downs of our journey to parenthood. Here’s our timeline so far:

May 2013 – began trying
November 2013 – first doctor’s appointment to discuss my reproductive health (6 months of trying)
December 2013 – first period in 7 months aided by Provera
January 2014 – blood tests throughout cycle to check hormone levels. Hormone levels found to be normal but still not ovulating or beginning period unaided by meds
February 2014 – first cycle using Provera and Clomid. Ovulation but no pregnancy
March 2014 – period comes without Provera. Second cycle using Clomid, but no ovulation. Ultrasound completed to check reproductive organs (I have a family history of ovarian cancer so that was a small concern). Ultrasound comes back normal.
April 2014 – Period comes without Provera and ovulation but no pregnancy
May 2014 – Period comes without Provera and progesterone test results were 6.6, which means I could have ovulated but there’s no way to tell for sure

(Header picture from Outsider Art by Frescura)


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