It’s been a week of silence on the blog, which is good because that means I’ve been crazy busy! Here’s what you’ve missed over the last week:

1) I found out on Tuesday that I got the marketing internship that I really, really wanted! To top it off, if they like me enough after 60-90 days, they will bring me on permanently as a marketing designer! I’m so excited! I was also contacted on Monday about being a freelance writer for my city. My hometown is starting a website dedicated to all of the improvements and changes the city is making (my city is really starting to become a cool and innovative place) and they need writers to write the stories and blog updates, and I was chosen to be one of those writers!

2) I started my 4th cycle of using Clomid last Friday. Today is cycle day 10 and so we begin Sextravaganza 2014 Part IV. I caved and bought ovulation tests (at the suggestion of my doc) but as of this morning, I have not ovulated yet. I’m on the highest dose of Clomid that my doc can give me, so I really hope I ovulate again this month.

3) I’m so ridiculously close to being done with my kitchen project! I have one tiny area to finish still (I’m officially done with all the doors!) this weekend and then I am done! Our kitchen will have made a complete and utter transformation by the time I’m done and I’m so happy with the (almost) finished product!

4) I only broke down and cried once this week, and it was only for a few seconds! This is progress, people!


think happy thoughts

Today is cycle day 26 and I’m getting very nervous about testing. I’ve felt the disappointment that comes with only seeing one pink line instead of two so many times, but the disappointment doesn’t hurt any less as time passes. I’m planning on testing on Friday if I haven’t gotten my period by then. The last month that I ovulated, my period came right on schedule, so I’m guessing that if I’m not pregnant, my period will be here by Wednesday or Thursday. I’m trying very hard to distract myself so that I don’t focus on testing all week. I’ve got an interview for a marketing internship this afternoon and I’m really excited about that. If I could manage to score this internship, I would learn about not just marketing but also advertising and PR, and that’s really intriguing/exciting for me! I’m trying to put my energy and focus into things that are good for me, like this interview, going on a bike ride with my husband after dinner, and finishing my kitchen cabinet project (yes, I’m still working on that, but I’m so close to being done!). Hopefully this week will fly by and I’ll get some good news (about the internship or pregnancy) by the end of the week.